Grey Baryte Ores (BaSO4): 4.20 & 4.10

From the renowned Kadapa District, India

Mining since 1970s

Grey Baryte Ores (BaSO4): 4.20 & 4.10, High Specific Gravity Baryte Powder (Barite433), Barium carbonate(BaCO3)and Precipitated Barium Sulfate from the internationally renowned Kadapa Mines, India, with the surety of purity due to our proven method of operations and commitment to quality.

We deal with all essential components that facilitate mining and geological exploration. In particular, with Barite, which is a component that is required to extract several minerals and is an inseparable part in many types of mining. In addition to this, Terraaltis Mines works with several oil and mineral companies to be at the peak of best practice scenarios when it comes to drilling, and extracting high quality material - in order to ensure highest quality without dilution, and eliminating pilferage at every stage. We understand the criticality of purity. All of our efforts streamline into our core value of ensuring best quality products are obtained through best practices.
Grey Barytes from the Kadapa District in Andhra is known all over the world for it's quality and purity. These mines were found in 1970s and since then has been a rich source of Barytes and it's derivatives for almost 40 decades now building a trust relationship with consumers all over the world now. Currently we have 20 pulverizing units which produces about 30,000 to 40,000 Metric Tones of Baryte powder every month with a capacity to scale up if need arises, effectively about 300,000 Metric Tons per Annum. At this rate of production, our mines are rich enough in supply to continue for the next 100 years without any shortage in supply.
We are always putting our competitive and qualitative capacity at the forefront, while at the same time not just being legally but also morally accountable for how we operate. From decades of hands on experience with diverse teams, we understand not only the struggles, but also the immense possibilities in implementing prosperous and growth-sustainable practices. These unique and workable solutions are what we bring to our clients. In so doing, we bring the best value enabling companies in this field to achieve the best possible success, output and growth with responsibility while ensuring the pricing to be competitive.