Exotic tea exported to 20+ countries

Selected from pristine small gardens

Highly rated in tasting sessions

Rediscovering the heritage by exploring the length of breadth of India to locate those untouched pristine small gardens which produce the best quality of tea which is thoughtfully curated to Single Estate Picks, well designed blends and the new introduction of crafted Tissanes to cover the hot beverage spectrum.

India has been known for centuries, to possess an eclectic collection of exotic and hidden flavors when it comes to tea. Our endeavor is to explore this magical land, seek out the best, most exclusive flavours from small tea growers. To bring the best of teas, to your fingertips, while enabling these artisan farmers to reach the global markets they deserve to be seen in. These 'master tea-men' are not enamoured with newfangled, chemical ways of cultivation, but continue their established age-old methods of farming their land. This was an amazing bonus to us on our mission - to have access to mesmerizing flavours, that are completely untainted and organic.
We associate only with the best, who are as committed to purity & quality in cultivation, as we are to pristine flavors. When we introduced tea to Terraaltis Earth, our intention was simple. Explore, Discover and Associate with the best only. We spent 5 years to explore, tasted 100+ flavors, improvised production methods to finally present you with the Best. Exotics consisting of hand-rolled green to preserve the freshness of flavour; pan fried to release nutty flavours; smoked exotica - which is an experience by itself. As the passion for Tea increased, so did the search for excellence as we also introduced pure gold plated tea for the chosen few who deserve the best.
We work with small tea growers who have been usually selling the leaves to bigger factories earning them next to nothing as the production cost has been sky rocketing with every passing years. We help them understand their gardens and then train them to set up small self sustaining units in their gardens to produce some of the best hand crafted tea which is appreciated by the Michelin Star chefs of Europe to the Royal Family of the middle east. We deal with all kind variations like White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong, Black Tea and the rare exotics like the moonshine tea picked during the night only for a specific day building a unique flavor profile.

Rated by global tasters at 85+

Handpicked from South of India

Roasted to perfection by certified roasters

South of India produces one of the best Coffees found in the world and we are happy to be contributing to the excellence by associating with small growers to provide them a sustainable business model while involving certified roasters to ensure that we capture the brilliance of coffee right.

It was the 17th century that Coffee was introduced to India and was first introduced to Karnataka. Since then, Coffee in India has come a long way. From expansion to various other states in India, to certified master roasters followed by fine recognition for it's pure flavors which now is being appreciated all over the world. The three states of India, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala adds to 90% of India's total production of coffee with Karnataka leading the numbers. Every state has a common practice of growing within shaded trees to adapt distinct flavor profiles of the spices and fruits it grows along with giving it an extremely diverse flavor profile.
We work with small growers in the southern state of India, Karnataka which is known for it's Arabica coffee with a distinct character and bold flavor profile which it's known for. We help the small growers to get the best price for their hard work to cultivate these marvels by introducing them to a business model which is sustainable and scalable. We then segregate the similar profile beans to make it ready for the final step of roasting using cutting edge technology by certified and experienced roasters to craft the best flavor profiles out of these nature's creations which are now sold to 12 countries and has a strong domestic presence.
The gardens we associate with is pristine and are nurtured within the lap of nature, unspoiled by the modern interference of technology to maintain the profile that was appreciated for 100s of years. Few of the gardens are more than 3 centuries old preserving the historical significance of how it all started. We are also associated with few sacred gardens which have religious significance binding the villagers around the farms giving the farms a very spiritual uplifment too. We appreciate the divine interference and nurture it for ensuring successful harvests year on year while evolving to the modern era to provide some of the best coffee in the world.

Pristine growths for the pure flavors

Generations of Expertise for the best quality

Exported to 40+ countries

We work with the best spice growers across India, carefully selected by master spice tasters to ensure that we associate with the best quality of spices from a country that’s known for Spices since centuries. We work with small growers to take their creations across the world with pride as it’s consumed and appreciated all over the world.

India is rightfully known as the land of spices not just for the way the food is cooked here with a burst of flavor in every dish but also because of the quality of spice that grows in India which is recognized all over the world. All this dates back to thousands of years where India was the trading hub for spices. Since India is blessed with all kinds of environmental conditions, the availability of every kind of spice was possible to be grown here. Cardamom, Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Curry Leaves, Chilly Powder, Fennel Seeds and the list is long. Each region in India is known for a specific type of spice and specializes in it to attain excellence over the years.
While we specialize in spices grown in God's Own Country, Kerala, we also associate with farmers across India which our team discovered after years of exploration to ensure that we are associated with the best quality spices which is export ready. Kerala has the ideal climate with the topography that supports the cultivation of various kinds of spices which is known all over the world for it's quality and also for the sustainable quantity. The purity of spices that we deal with has resulted it being used not just for cooking but also for perfumes, medicines and even preservatives. These are exquisite in nature and carefully handpicked.
We specialize in Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Turmeric and Nutmeg to name a few. Like every other engagement of ours, we work with small growers and help them to take their creations to across the world by helping them to understand their gardens and then training them with the right know how to ensure that they can produce the best export quality spice which is scalable and is sustainable over years of production. We work with master tasters to validate every batch to adapt to seasonal and climatic changes to help maintain the appreciated quality without effecting the quality of production.

95%+ pure curcumin

Safe for medical use

Sourced from best farms across India

We source the best turmeric from around the pristine farms of India to extract curcumin in the purest form which can be used for use in cosmetics, coloring agent in food, medicinal use and of course food flavoring. Purity as high as 95%+ is very rare and we are proud to associate with such quality.

Turmeric comes from the root of Curcuma longa, a flowering plant of the ginger family. Turmeric contains many plant substances, but one group, curcuminoids, has the greatest health-promoting effects. Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by plants of the Curcuma longa species. Curcumin, which represents about 2–8% of most turmeric preparations, gives turmeric its distinct color and flavor. Curcumin has long been used in Asian medicine to treat a variety of illnesses. Extraction of Curcumin involves a meticulous series of steps which results in just 1 kg of pure curcumin being extracted from 100 kgs of Turmeric.
Curcumin is used as an ingredient in dietary supplement, in cosmetics, as flavoring for foods, such as turmeric-flavored beverages and as coloring agents in food items like curry powders, mustard, butter, cheese. It's approved by U.S. FDA as an edible food grade coloring agent. Curcumin is also used for health benefits like being a natural anti-inflammatory compound, increases the anti-oxidant capacity, linked to Improved Brain Function and a Lower Risk of Brain Diseases, lowers risk of heart disease, responds very well in Arthritis patients, helps against depression and ageing. It's also being studied to help in preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Our team has been scouting across the length and breadth of India to associate directly with turmeric growers and established extraction labs to ensure that we can offer the best Curcumin that's available in India. We proudly offer Curcumin which has purity as high as 98% which is extremely potent in nature and is usually being used by the alternate medicinal industries across the world. Curcumin is not absorbed by the body directly very efficiently but can work wonders when consumed with high quality pepper which is also hand picked by us for the best quality and purity making us a one stop solution provider.