Minimum training required

Reduced bandwidth requirement

Scalable Architecture

Visual Analytics to make video surveillance or usage smarter to cater to Face recognition based time and attendance systems, incident detection like accidents, fall etc, last mile customization like detection of red tag person entering a green zone etc. We specialize in last mile customization to meet your requirement.

The world is filled with digital eyes of various forms which is capturing every possible point of interest. The problem then comes to analyzing the captured videos. Legacy ways of human intervention to analyze, detect and alert for points of concern is not possible anymore with the amount of feeds coming in. To add to that, humans tend to make mistakes and that can lead to a critical situation which can cost dearly. Thus comes the need for Artificial Intelligence based analytical systems which can view, analyze and highlight videos of concern leading to a more effective and focused monitoring resulting in a more secured environment.
With most of the out of the box solutions for visual analytics, lack of training and customization leads to a complete waste of time and effort due to the end effectiveness. We specialize in customizing the last mile solution to your problem to ensure that you are getting the most out of the trained models. Our trained models have proven accuracy with real time updates resulting in us being accepted in complex Government projects including implementation in critical places like the Airports. It's not just for detection of incidences but we also support Face recognition based T&A system with minimum training.
We handle specific solutions like burning of cigarette in highly inflammable zone to alerting the fall of a worker in a construction site. We customize for specific industries too like capturing the wait time of a person in a queue in a bank to alerting of high value customer to hotel manager on arrival. If it can be done by human eyes, it can be done by us. We also specialize in cutting edge in-house technology to ensure that the video is compressed to just what is required to solve the ever growing problem of bandwidth utilization, leading to requirement of large servers for added computational requirement, making our solutions not just fast but cost effective too.

Business Automation

Advanced Analytics

Chatbot Integration

Complex algorithms working together utilizing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing can create effective solutions to difficult problems with ease. We offer simple integration solutions to utilize the power of predictive digitization.

In the era of digitization, there is a plethora of data that can be used to derive inference which can help to understand a complex situation or solve a critical problem. The abundance of data has created the problem of correlation using the age old methods. By harnessing the power of cutting edge approaches while integrating the strength of Artificial Intelligence, this problem of understanding the data can be simplified although the implementation of the same can be complex. That's where we come in along with our expertise in AI integration and UX development for a complete intuitive solution which simplifies your need to understand your data.
Understanding your data can be quite varied which can range from text to visual analysis. Whether it's understanding the sales data and predict future trends to analyzing DICOM images to identify a probable disease, we could customize the solution for you. The way we operate is quite simple. We speak at length to understand the problem statement first, we then design a solution for you and confirm with you on the approach. On confirmation we develop the solution and involve you in multiple iterative releases to ensure that we are heading the right direction. Finally, we improvise over time to ensure the best conclusion to the problem stated.
While analyzing data is one of the primary requirements, we also help in business process automation where we understand your business flow and suggest you various ways where the process can be made more efficient while considering time and resource allocation through the integration of Artificial Intelligence which reduces the human intervention. We also help in seamless chatbot integrations by understanding your requirement and providing simple integration chatbot solutions which is not just intuitive in nature but is also engaging for an effective and positive conversation leading to a meaningful conclusion.

Code validation to identify weaknesses

DDoS testing and protection

Stress and Load testing

Web Apps and Mobile Apps are now the digital identity of every organization along with means of engagement. Our team consists of the leading Ethical hackers in the world who have registered their presence by finding security flaws in organizations like Adobe, Intel, Flipkart, Harvard University, Department of US. The list is long.

White Hat Hackers or Ethical hackers are the need of the hour with Data being the new Gold. Our team has been consistently helping Web and Mobile apps from vulnerability either through an engagement or even voluntarily since we absolutely understand the concerns of protecting your identity and data. We also constructively working with the top Ethical hackers around the world for ensuring that Global Intelligence is shared actively for a proactive action on a probable weakness. We not only help you identifying probable leaks in the code but we can also help you stress test your system for a projected target audience count.
Overtime, with experience, we have automated the whole testing or rather hacking process and hence the only limitation is the test infrastructure provided. Since this is automated, the time taken is much lesser. These are developed in-house to save about 30%-40% of time and effort needed. We do not offer a solution but a service since every environment differs and hence it's important to understand the complete setup before devising the attack plan. Once done, we submit a report to your team for them to fix the flaws after which we could run another iteration, if asked for, to ensure that the fix has not raised any new vulnerability points.
Because of this in-house automation process, we can scale up very easily since it has minimum intervention to human presence. The time required though for the complete test to finish will depend on the complexity of the website or application although an usual in depth testing takes about 300 hours where as with our in-house automation tools, we can achieve the objective in 30% lesser time. Please not that we work as a consultant to identify the vulnerability but we do not fix the code since that negates the perspective of an ethical hacker to independently scrutinize the flaws without any bias towards the code.