Big Data Analytics and Data Mining

Social Media Monitoring

User Sentiment Analysis

Customers are complex and Acquisition and Retention is no longer a simple digital marketing process. We work with world class tools and applications which are plugged in with all major social media platform to identify the right growth audience for you. Our team has helped clients like Pfizer, MTN, Naico to name a few to grow.

We team up with your Growth team to be your own growth strategist to achieve sustainable and scalable growth which can be maintained through custom made strategies which is derived specially for your requirement after understanding your business and growth vision in depth. As they say, there is no one shoe that fits all. We start by understanding your company, the product or service followed by your competitor landscape to device several growth hacking approaches which best fits the defined scenario. This is achieved through doing an in-depth sentiment analysis through proven analytical solutions and innovative tools.
After understanding or identifying the targeted audience persona, we design tailor made campaigns which has the most long lasting impact in terms of brand recall to initiate the whole process of customer acquisition and retention leading to referral after a fulfilling experience. We track the journey of your website or mobile app visitors to map an user journey to identify points of traction to enhance it further to conversion. We use the best in technology to enhance the funnel building process resulting in a higher conversion rate, leading to more revenue. We also help you in understanding your growth barriers and device specific solutions to overcome it.
We device all this around few simple questions. How do your customers or targeted audience find you ? What's their first impression of your identity or brand ? How do you keep your customers happy ? How do you convert them for revenue growth ? How do you make your customers talk to others about you ? We build a sense of exclusivity around your product or service so that the customers feel good about associating with you. We walk along with you through this whole journey of Acquisition to Activation to Retention to Revenue Growth to the final stage of Referral to ensure that growth is not faltered at any step.

Brand Definition

Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

Most bottled water companies sell the same product, water, but it’s few which have made a mark for themselves. This is primarily driven by Branding which involves an extensive process to understand your product and offerings really well to ensure that your image to the market is unique and distinctive.

First impression is the lasting impression and it's important that the first point of interaction with a prospective client has an impact which makes the client understand the company without explaining the details. Is it a company which is inclined to Eco sustenance or is it an organization which is all about exclusive products or is it a company made to redefine the future tech. This principal thought behind the company starts right from the inception of the name, going to the logo followed by other collaterals like website, presentation templates, letter head, email signatures.
Branding is not just about visual cues but it starts with the whole journey of understanding the company really well as the story and the thought behind a company is the inspiration to our designs. Branding involves a true definition of your company which is then evolved to visual and textual depictions. Branding is about creating an identity which is reflected consistently across every connect points with a human. While it's important to get the identity right, the branding exercise also involves positioning the brand in the sweet spot to where it belongs to ensure success.
Our experienced team helps you in every important aspect of Branding you as who you are. We not only help you create a high impact brand and build a position for it but we also create brand campaigns which helps you get better conversions, brand management which helps you monitor your brand across the world wide web, brand assessment to see if you are going the right direction, map your customer journey and finally a robust ever evolving brand strategy which helps your brand always shine amongst the million others who are trying to woo your client through various means.

Personify the Audience Landscape

Design the Launch Strategy

Technical Consultation

After successfully nurtured many startups in various sectors to a successful launch followed by scalable and sustainable growth strategy, we now have our in-house out of the box growth strategies which caters to overcoming the various hurdles of a startup. Our own food-tech startup, helping woman empowering has won many awards.

While growth is always desired, it's most needed when you are either starting or you have reached a stage when you are established but stagnant when it comes to growth in terms of revenue. We use Data Mining, Big Data Analytics and leading applications plugged in with global social platforms for an effective sentiment analysis to either identify the target revenue generating audience if you are a startup or find new markets if you are an established company although stagnant when it comes to revenue growth. We help you exemplify your Unique Selling Point to ensure you have the best brand recall and customer acquisition strategy in place.
For a startup, we start right at the beginning by understanding your ground breaking idea well to ensure that we have that as a foundation for our growth strategies. We then help in designing the technical landscape which can cater to the goal of scalable and sustainable growth. This is followed by a well thought, custom made Launch strategy which can help initial traction and growth fixes. At this stage, we could also re-build your brand identity to maximize the brand recall value. The focus from there on is on removing the barriers for growth and implement sustainable strategies which is scalable too, ensuring a consistent growth.
For an established organization which is not seeing revenue growth and is stagnant, we do a very extensive sentiment analysis of their existing customers along with a persona creation based on which we device digital marketing strategies to identify new, unexplored landscapes of targeted audience for a new evolving growth pattern. We execute precise and ground breaking strategies to ensure that the cost of acquisition and retention of these new customers are kept to a minimum. There on, we monitor and adapt the growth strategies on a regular basis so that the growth is sustainable and consistent to avoid stagnancy.