Terraaltis is an international group committed to Quality, Collaboration, Leading Edge Practices and Sustainability in equal measure. Our vision is a world where the best of all worlds reaches the discerning consumer, whereby the engagement and participation by all of our components contribute to a better tomorrow for all. Terraaltis brings together the decades of diverse experience and expertise of each of our Managing team.  We identified the huge problem of Globalization where the trust factor along with the commitment to deliver quality was missing. Our core strength is on understanding the requirement and thereby not only successfully engaging with the client but also growing with them by suggesting them the best solution to the requirement they connect with us for. We engage with the sole intention of nurturing every client as a new and long lasting relationship.

We are a team of highly experienced individuals with what we do and have come together to run a ethical and fulfilling business. Our designers have worked with international projects under known names like Marvel and Toons. The ethical hackers in our team have their name on the board of known organizations like Adobe for helping them to identify some glaring issues. Our AI team consists of individuals having double Phd and Post Graduates in the field of Visual Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The Tea and Coffee sommeliers in our team are obsessed with quality and taste profiles. Our explorers love to travel and scout every bit of India to find the best for our clients.
In short, we love what we do and that results in association and delivery of quality products and services which is much appreciated by our clients. When we work with our clients, we do not just provide them what they ask for but we also help them understand their requirement better and hence provide our expertise to ensure that they are procuring or engaging with what benefits them the most because we always believe in growing with our clients. It's not just an engagement but a long lasting relationship that we prefer to build over time. This has made us the preferred choice for clients across 35+ countries spread all over the world.
This obsession towards delivering quality while ensuring that our client gets the best of what we can offer has resulted in engagement with clients continuing to work with us for almost 2 decades now. While ensuring that our clients are happy, we ensure that our farmers, suppliers and partners are also happy by working very closely with them to understand their offerings, understand the problems they face and hence engage with a model that best benefits not just our clients but also our partners. This ecosystem of a happy network of people working together has resulted in a sustainable business model which is much appreciated by all.

The Founders


Chief Executive Officer

Having successfully run his own company with a size of 250+ employees with a strong hold in India and Middle east, Faizal gets his expertise of seamlessly running a successful multinational company to Terraaltis. He has also nurtured many startups to success along with his own award winning startup to empower woman to be self sufficient.


Chief Operating Officer

Nishad is a second generation entrepreneur who has successfully expanded his Domestic Oil business to be one of the leading in the South of India along with his own industrial manufacturing unit. He brings in to Terraaltis his rich experience in execution and delivery management to ensure smooth operations. Nishad studied Engineering in Canada.


Chief Sales Officer

Based out of Dubai, Nindi gets in a rich experience in International business which she gathered while running her own successful firm in Dubai which was into active trading of various high value commodities. She has first hand experience of dealing with Tier 1 clients to understand their requirements and hence ensuring that the delivery lives up to the desired standards.


Terra as in Earth and Altis means heights. Terraaltis comes together as a strong, powerful, masculine name which stays grounded to the earth but reaches out to the greater heights. Terraaltis caters requirements from the grounded earth to the highest skies. The name is distinct to ensure that they is no brand clashes yet emits a strong focused postitive energy. Our logo is a beautiful fusion of geometrical figures which comes together to depict the four vertical of Terraaltis coming together while interacting with the other verticals through a positive flow of energy between them mutually co-existing. Each vertical has it’s own motif for an easy brand recall value with respect to the vertical involved. The color themes are distinct to ensure that there is a strong identity for each vertical while having a cohesive bonding. The collaterals are clean and easy to understand to portray a method of operations where we believe in simplicity to achieve the best. Welcome to the world of Brand TERRAALTIS.